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41 Mountains To Explore In The Yorkshire Dales

Who knew there were so many mountains in the Yorkshire Dales? At the last count forty-one Yorkshire hills got given the name of ‘mountain’ (all are listed below with heights). We’ve all heard of the three Yorkshire peaks, Whernside, Ingleborough and Pen-y-ghent but what about Lovely Seat and Nine Standards Rigg?

Yorkshire Dales Mountains

What better time to look beyond the tourist filled three Yorkshire peaks and explore the other 38 lesser know but equally stunning mountains. So it’s time to fill your camper van with fuel, head t0 the 41 mountains to explore in the Yorkshire Dales and get hiking!

So what makes a mountain a mountain?

Well it needs to tower at least 610 metres (or 2000 feet) above sea level to qualify for the grander sounding label of a mountain instead of a hill.


Where are these 41 mountains to explore in the Yorkshire Dales?

To help you plan your trips I’ve created a really handy Google Map which identifies all 41 mountains.


Useful maps to help you explore the mountains of Yorkshire:

Here’s a list of all 41 mountains to explore in the Yorkshire Dales including their heights.…..

1. Whernside 736m (2,415ft) – read about the tourist free route up Whernside here!

2. Ingleborough 724m (2,375ft)

3. Great Shunner Fell 716m (2,349ft)

4. High Seat 709m (2,326ft)

5. Wild Boar Fell 708m (2,323ft)

6. Great Whernside 704m (2,310ft)

7. Buckden Pike 702m (2,303ft)

8. Gregory Chapel 695m (2,280ft)

9. Pen-y-Ghent 694m (2,277ft)

10. Hugh Seat 689m (2,260ft)

11. Great Coum 687m (2,254ft)

12. Crag Hill 682m (2,237ft)

13. Swarth Fell 681m (2,234ft)

14. Plover Fell 680m (2,231ft)

15. Baugh Fell, Tarn Rigg 678m (2,224ft)

16. Knoutberry Haw 676m (2,218ft)

17. The Calf 676m (2,218ft)

18. Lovely Seat 675m (2,215ft)

19. Calders 674m (2,212ft)

20. Bram Rigg Top 672m (2,205ft)

21. Great Knoutberry Hill 672m (2,205ft)

22. Rogan’s Seat 672m (2,205ft)

23. Water Crag 668m (2,192ft)

24. Dodd Fell Hill 668m (2,192ft)

25. Fountain’s Fell 668m (2,192ft)

26. Little Fell 667m (2,188ft)

27. Great Dummacks 663m (2,175ft)

28. Fountains Fell South Top 662m (2,172ft)

29. Nine Standards Rigg 662m (2,172ft)

30. Simon’s Fell 656m (2,133ft)

31. Yockenthwaite Moor 643m (2,110ft)

32. Fell Head 640m (2,100ft)

33. Yarlside 639m (2,096ft)

34. Green Hill 628m (2,060ft)

35. Gragareth 628m (2,060ft)

36. Darnbrook Fell 624m (2,047ft)

37. Randy Gill Top 624m (2,047ft)

38. Bush Howe 623m (2,044ft)

39. Drumaldrace / Wether Fell 614m (2,014ft)

40. Birks Fell 610m (2,001ft)

41. Calf Top 610m (2,000ft)


Whernside from the west
Whernside from the west


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