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Best Books For Inspiration For Camper Van Conversions

Converting a camper? Then look no further, the selection of books below are guaranteed to help inspire you to create a camper van interior to suit your exact needs. From full conversions to upgrades these books offer a huge amount of advice. From my experience even if you buy a camper which is already converted there will always be changes that need making. We’re all different and all have different requirements from our campers. What better people to take inspiration from than those that work, live, convert and play in their camper vans.

Self Build Campervan Conversions – A guide to converting everyday vehicles into campervans & motorhomes By Kenny Biggin

This book takes you through all the steps for converting a van in to a home. A guide on the different vehicles ideal for conversion, then notes on insulation, heating, water pumping, electrics and a zillion other things to consider. Photos and diagrams accompany this extremely informative and inspirational book.

Build Your Own Dream Camper Van for less than £1000 – That s including the cost of the van! By Matthew Ball and Stuart Ball

If you’re short of cash but want to convert a van then this is the book for you. Full of money and time saving ideas. This is a step by step guide to convert a van on a budget within ten weeks including how to kit out your interior for free! Suitable for any van conversion.

VW T5 Camper Conversion Manual (The Camper Conversion Manual) By Lindsay Porter

The ultimate guide to converting your VW T5 panel van to a camper van. This will save you a fortune compared to buying a ready converted van. Includes lots of very detailed guidance and illustrated instructions. This book covers every single aspect of the conversion.

How to Convert your Volkswagen T4/T5 into a Camper Van By Lawrence Butcher

This book demonstrates how to turn your VW T4 or T5 in to a practical and affordable camper van. Geared towards the home builder showing you how to use diy skills, basic hand and power tools to complete your conversion. Covers all aspects of the transformation from van to home on wheels.


Camper Van Conversion: 1 By Colin Grace

Learn how to convert a van to a camper, how to do it, how long it will take and how much it will cost. The book covers all the conversion jobs, skills, tools and resources you’ll need to convert any van or minibus. Over 340 photographs and graphics including a full leisure electrics system diagram.

Whether you want to fit out a van, renovate a camper, revive an old model or build one from scratch, this manual will take you every step of the way. Includes extensive body detailing, including the installation of windows and ventilators. Layouts, furniture construction and storage. Guidance on special systems: water, gas, electricity, heating and refrigeration systems.


Convert your Minivan into a Mini RV Camper: How to convert a minivan into a comfortable minivan camper motorhome for under $200 By William H Myers

Want to convert a minivan to a minicamper? This book will show you how to convert any minivan in to a comfortable camper van. You’ll learn that even on a limited budget, you can quickly put together a minivan camper that’ll have a comfortable bed, toilet, small kitchen, fridge, TV, fan, plenty of storage, a portable power supply and more.


This book offers guidance and advice on how to maximise the interior space, style and functionality of any camper van model. The book breaks down each task down into step-by-step photography and instructions, from the initial design stages, right through to expanding the camper van with awnings and elevating roofs.



By Ana – The CamperVana


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