Best Documentries About Vanlife

Is vanlife just an Instagram dream or does it really exist? The following documentaries examine those that live in their vans and explores the new cultural trend of freedom on the road.
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The Meaning Of Vanlife

The Meaning of Vanlife is an adventurous, revealing book looking in to the vanlife community through the eyes of nomads who have chosen to live a life of freedom on the road. A movement that exemplifies a deeper societal trend towards minimalism and authentic community building.

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We’re Christian and Aubry, a couple traveling North America in our converted Sprinter Van. On Minimal Millennials, we love chatting about what van life is really like, tips that make it possible to travel on a budget, and how we incorporate minimalism into our every-day lives.

The Reality Of Van Life

Follow an ex-van dwellers journey as he seeks to dispel the social media myths of the reality of living in a van. A closer look in to the cultural trend that claims to represent Van Life.

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Garth Lives In A Van

A comedy documentary about finding an alternative to falling victim to the rising cost of living. It is an attempt to find out if one can live this way, without what most believe as the necessities of a place they call home. What are the logistics? Casting these questions and judgments aside, Garth decides to find out for himself if it is possible to live in a van.

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Thousands of Americans have left everything behind to explore the USA from behind the wheel. Far removed from previous generations, these #VanLife travellers are nomadic workers, hyperconnected to the world around them.

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