Best Places To Sell A Campervan In The UK

So you’ve made the heart wrenching decision to sell your camper. The next step is to decide where the best place is to advertise your camper for sale. Read on for a list of the best places to sell a campervan in the UK.

Campervans for sale

Best places to sell a campervan in the UK

So here are your options:


This is the most obvious and from my experience the most effective. Let’s be honest, who hasn’t heard of eBay.

How much does it cost to sell my camper van on eBay?

eBay Costs For Selling A Campervan

Best bits

  • The reach of eBay is enormous, it’s widely used by people searching for camper vans.
  • You can list as a classified listing or as an auction (reserve price optional).
  • It always up to 12 photos on a standard listing and you can write as much as you like.
  • The search facility on the site is great.
  • It’s super easy and instant.

Worst bits

  • It’s a bit expensive but you get what you pay for.
  • Lot’s of dreamers like to ‘watch’ camper vans so it can be difficult to gauge how much genuine attention your van is getting.



How much does it cost to sell my camper van on Facebook?
It’s FREE!

Best bits

  • There are endless groups where you can post listings as well as the Facebook Market Place.
  • You can share away and the reach is endless.
  • It’s instant and you have full control to change the listing anytime and you can add lots of pics.
  • Option to pay to boost your listing.

Worst bits

  • You’ll get lots of irrelevant comments about how lovely the interior is, what a great colour your van is and peoples thoughts on the price. 
  • There’s lots of dreamers on Facebook. 

Gumtree / Preloved / Freeads

These sites advertise everything from campers to jobs!

How much does it cost to sell my camper van on Gumtree/Preloved/Freeads?

It’s FREE!

Best bits

  • It has a nation wide reach and is fairly well known.
  • You can list as much information as you like and it automatically finds your camper details based on the reg number, making it super quick.
  • Partnered vehicle history experts, HPI, to provide a vehicle history report on every camper on the site. 

Worst bits

  • Your free ad will probably we swamped by paid for ads which cost £27.95 for 14 days.
  • The photos on the listing pages are very small, you have to click through to see a decent sized photo.


Autotrader is a specialist vehicle trading site, with a dedicated campervan / motorhome section:

How much does it cost to sell my camper van on Autotrader?

How much does it cost to sell a campervan on Autotrader?

Best bits

  • Simple advert entry with up to 20 photos.
  • Excellent reputation.

Worst bits

  • More for modern campervans rather than classic campers.

Car and Classic

A long established website for buying and selling vintage vehicles at It’s had a much needed revamp recently.  

How much does it cost to sell my camper van on Car and Classic?

It’s FREE! 

Best bits

  • Simple advert entry with unlimited text and 6 photos.
  • Two month advert duration with free renewals.

Worst bits

  • More for classic campers rather than modern vans.


Festivals are a great place to sell your campervan. In fact I bought my first camper a 1979 VW Bay Window at Harewood House VW Festival. Prices vary from about £10 upwards. Search for festivals on Google.

Best places to sell you campervan in the UK

Word of mouth

Let people who you know know, I’ve personally had several offers from people I know to buy my campers, admittedly not at the time when I was trying to sell!


If you’re selling you camper you may well be buying one to. Head over to my blog on Best places to buy a campervan in the UK.

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