Camp Quirky Festival – Quirkiness Score 10 Out Of 10

If you love camper vans then you’ll love Camp Quirky! A handmade camper van festival for camper van self builders, professional converters, handmade camper van enthusiasts and van lifers.

Camp Quirky 2019 Festival
Camp Quirky 2019 Festival

I literally saw every type of camper at Camp Quirky 2019. From outlandish and bohemian, to eccentric and unusual, that pretty much describes the festival goers too. What a bunch of incredibly interesting and creative campers. So much so that I’m now fully inspired and motivated to complete my camper van renovations. This is exactly why you’d make the pilgrimage to Camp Quirky, to be inspired. There’s tonnes of campers to view and everyone is keen to give the grand tour.

And inspirational it is, take a look at some of the quirky campers ……

Beast of a camper van
This beast of a camper van is the permanent home of a couple of festival goers


Quirky Camper Van Interior
Quirky Camper Van Interior
Retro Camper Van
Retro Camper Van
More quirky campers
More quirky campers

Just in case you get bored at looking lovingly at incredible camper vans (not that anyone would), the lovely folks at Camp Quirky HQ put on lots of other goodies to keep you thoroughly entertained. 

The main arena at Camp Quirky, surrounded by stalls.
The main arena at Camp Quirky, surrounded by stalls.

There was a whole host of workshops to attend from mega geeky camper 12 volt electric talks to super creative interior design or for the more energetic, swing dancing! There was literally something for everyone. Take a look at the workshop line up ….

Quirky Camper Workshops
Quirky Camper Workshops

There was even more to do around the site from pottery classes and growing your own food advice to super sensible gas safety drop ins. 

Camp Quirky didn’t forget about the mini campervanners either, they had a full timetable to pick from which looked a zillion times more fun than a school timetable. 

And that only covers the daytime.

By night there was a tremendously large fire pit to warm your hands on while sharing travel tales with fellow campervanners. There simply isn’t a better place to share stories of adventure (except perhaps a pub if it’s raining).

Tales of adventure around the fire pit
Tales of adventure shared around the fire pit

Not forgetting the bar and party tent. A full line up of live music from 4pm/5pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday provided the rhythm for hundreds of pairs of dancing wellies. 

The festival maintains its quirkiness by being a really cosy affair. Everything is within a few minutes walk. I never queued for the toilet or shower (yes they had free showers!). And I never queued more than a few minutes at the bar.

Even the naked guy didn't have to queue!
Even the naked guy didn’t have to queue!

Even sourcing food leads you to checking out more vans ….

Food at Camp Quirky
Food at Camp Quirky

The festival was incredibly eco friendly, clean and tidy. Compost loos galore and no rubbish. It’s simply bliss in the form of a festival. The litter pickers even had the cheek to complain that they had nothing to do! Run entirely on solar power and laughter!

If you love camper vans, can throw your best dance moves when wearing wellies, love meeting interesting folk and adore sharing stories with like minded campervanners around a blazing fire while listening to great music, then put Camp Quirky 2020 in your diary!

It won’t disappoint.

By Ana – The Campervana

Me relaxing after an afternoon of Camp Quirky Workshops
Me relaxing after an afternoon of Camp Quirky Workshops. Photo credit goes to Ben Gillespie @photo8en


– Camper vans, caravans, tents, bikes, all are welcome.
– Dogs are allowed (you’d probably get away with taking the cat too, everyone is so friendly I’m sure they wouldn’t mind).
– No charge for vehicles, just pay per person.
– Held in the beautiful Northamptonshire countryside.
– For Camp Quirky 2020 tickets click here
– Visit:


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  1. Suzie says:

    Are there any plans to hold a festival this year and if so how do I go about getting tickets.

    1. TheCamperVana says:

      Hi there – Camp Quirky have reserved the 14 to 16 May 2021 for the festival. I’m not sure if it’s going ahead. You’ll to contact them directly. More info here:
      Thanks, Ana

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