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Camper Van Dogs: 1 Month Of Food £1

Do you take your four legged furry friend camping with you on road trips? Not sure how much food to take or worried about being able to buy food on the road that your dog likes?

Read on to find out how to get 1 months dog food for only £1 and receive deliveries wherever you’re camping in the UK!

Camper van dog

Meet Charlie, my new camping buddy. He’s a bit fussy on the food front so my friends recommended that I try Tails dog food. What a game changer! Charlie gobbled up the first bowl in no time without leaving a crumb!

So what is Tails Dog Food and why is is great for camping?

Tails dog food is freshly blended, tailor made and developed by vets and nutritionists. They ask you lots of questions before creating a unique blend for your dog. It’s recommended by lots of vets too. Dry and wet food options available plus treats if you’d like.

  • Your dog gets their own unique kibble recipe, freshly blended and just for them
  • Made to make a difference to your dog’s skin, coat, joints, tummy and more
  • Optimised and flexible to care for every life stage
  • Change your delivery address at any time dog food

I signed up to Tails dog food and received a months worth of dog food for only £1! This included two big bags (one pictured below) and a scoop. They supply full instructions on how much you should be feeding your dog. Follow up service is great and they are happy to answer any questions or amend the mixture if necessary.

Tails Dog Food Offer

Once your free trail is over you can then get a monthly subscription. You’ll never have to think about buying dog food again. All you need to think about is where you’d like it delivering!

To claim your months worth of dog food for only £1, click here.


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