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Campervanning With WHAT3WORDS

Location, Location, Location! These are and aren’t the three words that I’m taking about. Let me explain …… If you’re a keen campervanner then you’ll constantly be on the look out for new spots to park your camper and enjoy the great outdoors. If you’re old school you’ll have lots of tatty paper maps in the glove compartment with lots of scribble marks on. Or you may have moved on and started plotting your camping spots on Google Maps. Well now you can firmly plant your four wheels in the 21st century and embrace WHAT3WORDS as a new means of finding, recording and sharing your camping locations!



It’s a super dupa easy way to communicate and log your location (anywhere in the world).

Each 3 metre square in the entire world has been given a super simple and unique 3 word address that will never ever change.

For example: ///worry.cackling.roofed marks the exact entrance to Just Campers HQ in Hampshire.

The three word addresses are easier to remember, say and share and are just as accurate as GPS coordinates.

How do I use WHAT3WORDS?

Simply download what3words app and register.

W3W is a great way to record your favourite camping spots. You can create lists in the app and highlight your favourite locations.

You can search the W3W app like you can on google maps to find potential spots to then highlight. A simple click can then take you to google maps which will then navigate you to the location.

Meeting friends for a night of camping and having trouble explaining the exact location. Not a problem, simply find the location on W3W and then the 3 words address. Bingo, your friends have a location 3 metre square to find you. If they can’t they perhaps shouldn’t be trusted to drive at all! All they need to do is download the W3W app too. Great if you’re camping in a sea of campers at somewhere like Glastonbury, this is when W3W really saves you time.

So what are you waiting for? Download the WHAT3WORDS app ……

Want to know where this stunning location is? The W3W address ///slot.verdict.motorist

WHAT3WORDS camping spot

The only way to find out …. on the WHAT3WORDS app.



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