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Cooking In A Camper: Wild Garlic Pesto Recipe

Who doesn’t love foraging for food when you’re away in your camper? Luckily wild garlic grows in abundance in the UK during the months of March through to June. Perfect timing for the camping season. Wild garlic is commonly found in woodlands and along riverbeds. Both the leaves and the flowers are edible and equally delicious.

Wild garlic grows in woodland and on riverbanks

So what equipment do you need in your camper?

Pestle and Mortar


Jar for storage


30g Wild Garlic

100g Pine Nuts

3 Tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

50g Parmesan

1/2 Lemon

Salt & Pepper

Steps To Wild Garlic Pesto Yumminess:

Wash the wild garlic leaves.

Place the leaves in the pestle and mortar and grind and bash to a paste. 

Wild Garlic Pesto Recipe

Add the pine nuts and continue to grind and bash.

Wild Garlic Pesto Recipe

Add the extra virgin olive oil.

Keep bashing until smooth.

Grate and add the parmesan.

Wild Garlic Pesto Recipe

Squeeze in the lemon juice.

Add salt and pepper.

Ready to eat or store in a jar in the fridge.

Wild Garlic Pesto Recipe

Tastes great with pasta, try with tomatoes or bread, also excellent with chicken or fish.

Always be 100% sure that what you are picking is wild garlic.

For other wild garlic recipes, check out this great wild garlic cook book for foragers >>


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