If Ribbons Are For Fearlessness Then A Camper Van Is For Coziness

A Book review of The Ribbons Are For Fearlessness: A Journey By Catrina Davies.

The Ribbons Are For Fearlessness: A Journey By Catrina Davies

15,000 miles from Cornwall to Norway via the midnight sun to sunny Sagres on the south western corner of Portugal in a rusty yellow camper van. This is the remarkable journey the author, Catrina Davies, takes after having her heart broken.

Setting off from Cornwall with only enough money for a ferry, no maps, no spare wheel, no breakdown cover but a dream to see the midnight sun and a cello to sooth a broken heart. It’s an incredibly honest and raw account of an unplanned journey across Europe in search of some answers. The hardships of busking are heart wrenching and the extreme kindness of strangers that she meets along the way is incredibly heart warming. Especially Pierre, the dishy doctor who helps mend her broken body and heart.

Catrina spends year on the road, she learns to savour solitude in wild and uninhabited places with her cello as her companion and her camper van for comfort. The highs and lows are of rollercoaster proportions with frequent admissions of wanting to return home. It doesn’t glamorise living in a camper van, it hits you with the hard realities while at the same time showing the freedom it allows in abundance and it’s character building qualities.

Part one of the journey, photo from Catrina's book.
Part one of the journey, photo from Catrina’s book.


Part two of the journey, photo from Catrina's book.
Part two of the journey, photo from Catrina’s book.

She leaves Cornwall in a yellow rust bucket and returns in a home on wheels beaming with sunshine.

If you ever feel like packing your camper van and escaping then this book will either inspire you to drive to the nearest fuel station and fill up or make you realise that life isn’t that bad.

Having travelled to many of the same countries as Catrina in my camper, on the very same roads, it’s been wonderful to follow her journey. I eagerly await her second book: Homesick: Why I Live In A Shed

To order your copy simply click here: The Ribbons Are For Fearlessness: A Journey By Catrina Davies 

This book is the authors first and is a wonderfully honest account of life on the road. Yes, she makes some irresponsible decisions but sometimes crazy decisions lead to the most amazing time of your life. It certainly gets 5 stars from me!


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