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Quick and simple camper van meal

There’s nothing like a simple but yummy meal when you’re away in your camper. I can hear the laughter and disbelief from my friends and family as they read this post. I am not renowned for my cooking ability but on this occasion I have even surprised myself!

Ingredients: courgette, chorizo, tomatoes (optional), bread (also optional).

Equipment: pan, knife, wooden spoon and a fork.

Get the fire going in the fire pit or you can put a pan on the hob in your camper if it’s raining. Heat the pan, chop the chorizo in to slices and add it to the pan. No oil or butter required. Cook the chorizo for at least 10 minutes, while this is cooking cut the courgette in to slices then add to the pan. The courgette will cook in the juices from the chorizo. Cook for another five to ten minutes. Add tomatoes if you have them.

Quick and simple camper van meal
Camping meal of chorizo and courgette

Eat straight from the pan (it saves on washing up!). Don’t forget some bread to mop up the chorizo juice. Absolutely delicious.

A seriously tasty, quick and easy camper van meal. I’ve cooked this on a number of occasions for friends and family whilst camping, so far to the approval of all, not something that normally happens when I attempt to cook at home!


PS. it goes very well with a glass or two of red wine.


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