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Top 3 Places To Park Your Camper Van in Haworth, Yorkshire

The wind wept moors of Bronte Country described in the many novels written by the Bronte Sisters are stunningly rugged and isolated. This wild landscape coupled with the oldie worldly cobbled Main Street of Haworth makes the perfect weekend get away in your camper van. You can enjoy the remote wildness feeling and still be only a short walk from the centre of Haworth or simply just enjoy the wonderful walks that surround this famous Bronte village.
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Top 3 places to wild camp in your camper van in Haworth

Camping at Penistone Hill Country Park Car Park
Camping at Penistone Hill Country Park Car Park

1. Penistone Hill Country Park Car Park

The location for the set of the recent BBC Drama ‘To Walk Invisible’ by Sally Wainwright. Perched on the top of Penistone Hill Country Park is a flat area reserved for parking. The set has now been taken down 
and it’s back to it’s original state. It’s free to park at any time and is unmanned. A stunning location to enjoy views of the moors so famously described in the Bronte novels. It can get a little busy during the day in the car park but during the evening / night it’s normally empty. I’ve camped up here a few times, normally on nights when meteor showers have been predicted, it’s an incredible stargazing location.


– It’s a 10 to 15 minute walk to Haworth Main Street.
– You feel like your much further away than that as you can’t actually see Haworth.
– Lots of walks straight from your doorstep, sorry footwell!
– No barriers or height restrictions.
Bronte Village Car Park Camping
Bronte Village Car Park Camping

2. Bronte Village the main Car Park in Haworth

This is the largest car park in Haworth and the second nearest to the Main Street, it has parking for 300 vehicles. It’s a very unusual car park as it’s on several levels (don’t worry it’s not a dreaded multi story, it’s all outside!). There’s lots of trees and it’s quite pretty. You are a mere 2 to 3 minutes from the nearest pub. This car park is huge, I would recommend taking a drive round all of it before you select your spot for the night. Careful some bits can be muddy, I almost got Horace my camper stuck when I took him there to take pics for this blog! 


– It’s a 2 to 3 minute walk to the Main Street.
– It’s really pretty for a car park in a village.
– No barriers or height restrictions.
– Car park charges apply Mon – Sun, 8am – 6pm.
– No overnight charges and no signs say ‘No Camping’.

View from below the lay-by to Lower Laithe Reservoir
View from below the lay-by to Lower Laithe Reservoir

3. Lay-by on Cemetery Road, Haworth

Sorry it’s not the most inspiring name for a place to wild camp! On the plus side it might put lots of people off so you’ll probably have the place to yourself. There are several lay-bys to choose from on this road. They can be busy during the day with tourists and dog walkers but by early evening you’ll find them empty. It’s also a fairly quiet road in the evening / night time. If you carry on towards the reservoir to Reservoir Road there is also an option to park in the lay-by at this intersection (although it will get busy in the morning with walkers).


– It’s a 10 to 15 minute walk to Haworth Main Street.
– Stunning views of Lower Laithe Reservoir.
– There are several lay-bys on this road to choose from.
– No barriers, height restrictions or those universally hated signs saying ‘no overnight camping’.

Map of places to park your camper van in Haworth

If you’d like to walk some of the famous routes that the Bronte sisters walked across the moors then grab yourself a copy of the Ordnance Survey Map for the area.

Haworth Campsites 

For those of you that feel wild camping isn’t for you Haworth also has two campsites nearby.
– Pondon Mill Camping:  www.themillatponden.com
– Upwood Holiday Park:  www.upwoodpark.co.uk
By Ana – The CamperVana


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