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Six Of The Best Camper Van Cook Books

Campervanning and great food go together like salt and pepper. We all need a little bit of inspiration sometimes when cooking with only two hobs. Here are six of the best camper van cook books available.

The Original VW Camper Cookbook: 80 Tasty Recipes Specially Composed for Cooking in a Camper

By Steve Rooker, Susane Rooker and Lennart Hannu

Hardback, 162 pages.

Containing over 80 specially created recipes for cooking in a camper. As well as delicious meals you’ll get to feast on VW vans from all over the world over 162 pages.The book contains recipes for soups, starters, light bites, lunches, main courses, barbecuing and desserts. All recipes require little preparation, perfect for making in a campervan!

The Camper Van Cookbook: Life on 4 wheels, Cooking on 2 rings

The Camper Van Cookbook: Life on 4 wheels, Cooking on 2 rings

By: Martin Dory and Sarah Randell

Paperback, 288 pages.

Cooking on two rings, the ultimate guide to cooking food in your camper van. With over 80 super tasty recipes you won’t fail to find some delicious meals to cook. Guide to not only cooking but also finding your food. The Camper Van Cookbook will show you how to make the most of every single moment on the road.

The Clever Camper Cookbook: Over 20 simple dishes to enjoy in the great outdoors

By Megan Winter-Barker and Simon Fielding

Hardback, 64 pages.

Twenty simple yet tasty recipes put together by world travellers Megan and Simon. All of which can be cooked on a two burner camping stove. From one pot Mexican poached eggs with chorizo to Spanish meatballs and fiery curries. Food on the road doesn’t have to involve tinned baked beans!

Having spent months exploring the world in our trusty VW camper, we’re experts at putting together incredible food equipped with just a two-burner camping stove and a tiny fridge or cool box. The Clever Camper Cookbook features over 20 of the best recipes we came up with on our travels―there’s no fuss, nothing too fancy, just deliciously simple cooking.

The Camper Cookie: Easy Recipes and Cool Tips for Your Campervan Life

By Summer Bourne

Paperback, 139 pages.

A fabulous collection of no fuss meals that you can easily adapt to the ingredients you have in your camper cupboard. You’ll be introduced to the ‘Capsule Larder’ idea where you can use a few ingredients for several different recipes. Includes a host of helpful tips to make cooking in your camper easier.

The New Camp Cookbook: Gourmet Grub for Campers, Road Trippers, and Adventurers

By Linda Ly and Will taylor

Hardback, 224 pages.

Good food makes for great camping! This book is for day trippers, adventurers, campers, and anyone who enjoys cooking outdoors. Recipes cover breakfast, lunch, snacks, sweets and all out feasts! You’ll also learn how to stock a pantry and how to grill in foil packs! There’s plenty of inspirational recipes packed in these pages.

Hungry Campers Cookbook: Fresh, Healthy and Easy Recipes to Cook on Your Next Camping Trip

By Katy Holder

Spiral Bound, 173 pages.

A great selection of fresh, healthy, gourmet yet simple recipes all using fresh ingredients and requiring minimal cooking equipment. Includes campfire cooking, one pot dinners and tips on preparing food in advance. Lovingly produced by Katy, combining many years of food writing with her love of camping.


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